2018-2019 Staff

Audra Nikolajski

Editor in Chief

My name is Audra Nikolajski and I am a Junior. I am the Editor in Chief of the Minotaur Yearbook. I make decisions on theme and content, as well as organize the functions of the staff!

Caleb Hancock

Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Caleb Hancock and I am a Junior. I am the Copy Editor of the Minotaur Yearbook, meaning I'm in charge of all the writing in the yearbook and the blog. This is my second year on staff. "Mess with the bull, and...

Katie Lee

Design Editor

My name is Katie Lee and I am a Junior. I am the design Editor of the Minotaur Yearbook. I create the layouts and organize visual elements to help develop the theme of the yearbook.

Haley Griner

Advertisement Manager

Joy Chen

Index Manager

Alex Bordin

Newspaper Editor

Hi! I'm Alex Bordin; staff member and writer for the Minotaur blog. I am a Junior and this is my first year on staff. Go bulls!