Jalen Jackson Feature

Olivia Stakey, Staff

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Jalen Jackson (12) has been a Varsity football player for three years. Jackson has played receiver and corner back; he now plays corner back.

Jackson’s goal sophomore year was to play for college football just to get into college, but now he plays because it is what he loves. Jackson practices Monday through Friday after school.

To get hyped before a big game Friday night, he listens to music. He says his coach is “like a dad”, to him. Jackson’s coach is always on top of him and making sure he does what has to be done.

The Varsity football team is 9-1 this season and many scouts come to the games. Jalen Jackson has gotten offers from three colleges so far from Notre Dame, South Dakota, and Campbell University.

When asked how his mindset has changed from the beginning of football to now, Jalen Jackson said “At first it wasn’t what I enjoyed, but now its’s my passion”