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Delaney Stites:
Walking into Venom, one has no idea what to expect. With so many critics giving it terrible reviews, while also saying they thoroughly enjoyed the movie, there is no telling what will happen.

The movie starts off with an explosive crash, startling everyone out of their seats. After watching an unknown substance escape from the rubble, the movie begins following the life of investigative journalist Eddie Brock and his quest to expose the evil leader of the Life Foundation, Carlton Drake.

When Venom, an alien symbiote, and Eddie meet, they are thrust into an interesting partnership. Their odd mix of hatred and comedy towards each other brings a new type of movie to the big screen. With the two protagonists cracking jokes in the middle of fight scenes and calling each other names, the overused trope of heroes fighting for honor is finally broken in a blaze of glory.

Alex Bordin:
When I saw Venom, my poor expectations were met but not exceeded. The problems begin with the very beginning; the antagonist of the film owns a technology company that is apparently sending rockets into space and making contact with comets or other planets but this is completely glazed over. The villain’s inspiration was cliche and the opening minutes were full of lazy exposition. The dynamic between the symbiote and Tom Hardy’s character and their actually speaking to one another aloud was an interesting idea, and that was one of the few things in the film that went well.

The CGI, however, is horrendous throughout, and the fight at the end of the movie is reminiscent of a Transformer’s film: there is so much animated nonsense on the screen that the audience cannot tell what is going on. The end of the movie is especially rushed, and without giving too much away, there is an interesting concept that is on- screen for mere seconds before totally disappearing. The audience still has questions near the end whose answers are rushed. Venom was a movie designed to start a franchise: the studio that made it owns the right to several villains from the Spider-Man comic books but not Spider-Man himself.

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