Living Your Life Cutthroat

Delaney Stites, Staff

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Once again the pop rock band Imagine Dragons has made it to the top of the charts. This time, with the band’s new single, Natural. Quickly climbing the Billboard Hot 100, the music industry’s standard here in the United States. The song has gone from number 18 to the 12th spot within a single week. It’s no wonder it has been chosen as the new college football theme song.

Beginning with a smooth, almost serene intro, one is left unprepared for the explosive drums that are brought in alongside the near-scream of the chorus. Smoothly transitioning from a rock to indie-pop feel is not an easy feat for a band to accomplish within a single song, but somehow Imagine Dragons pulls it off perfectly, leaving the listener wanting for nothing.

The song is about how humanity is “living in a dog-eat-dog world” according to Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds. The lyrics remark that society would destroy any person not equipped to survive it and that the receiver of the song must be cold-hearted as well as unbothered by the world around them, at which they seem to be a Natural, hence the song title.

This song is definitely recommended to any who enjoy pop-rock or indie music, as well as anyone who needs a song to pump them up and get them ready to face whatever the day may bring.