Been there, RUN that…

Isabella Brown

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Been there, RUN that…

Olivia Stakey, Staff

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Isabella Brown (11) runs cross country. Brown said that she wasn’t even interested in cross country at all when she first heard about it.

“[That sounds] miserable, running miles and miles everyday” Brown said.

It was not until Tamya Ticconi (11) informed her about how judgement free the sport is that sparked the idea of even going to try out for the Bloomingdale Cross Country team.

“My favorite part about cross country is that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, no one will judge you as long as you’re improving every week,” Brown said.

Her time when she first started running 5k’s was 38 minutes, now she proudly says 27 minutes flat. “So that is a ten minute difference from freshmen year to last week” Brown said.

Even with her impressive time improvement, Isabella Brown is not wanting to continue her cross country career in college.

“I want to stay in shape and run on my own, but I don’t want to competitively run in my college years,” Brown said.

Brown is not only focused on cross country, but basketball as well. Cross country is a fall sport and basketball is a winter sport so it is easy to play for both during the school year.

Fortunately for her, summer is full of cross country practices and basketball scrimmages. It is a busy summer but she enjoys every second of it.

“At the end of the day I love basketball and cross country, but cross country makes me feel so healthy and in shape,” Brown said.