Band and Guard Banquet

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Band and Guard Banquet

Sagan Savage, Staff

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On Wednesday April 24th, all members of the Rajun Bull Band and Crimson Guard enjoyed a pot luck dinner with their fellow members and families. Each class was assigned with certain types of dishes to make the dinner possible. Attendees started trickling in at 5:30 to drop off food and then waited for seniors to start eating at 5:50. Dinner lasted for an hour while friends and families socialized and took pictures.

Will Hutton and Paige Vodopitch sit and enjoy dinner before the ceremony. “This being my last banquet feels surreal and like an enormous part of my life is coming to an end, which is really sad, but I know I’ll never forget all the experiences I gained and the close bonds I formed,” Vodopitch said.


“It was nice to see everybody again. Our season had ended a few weeks prior and it had been a while since we’d seen everyone,” Becky Monaghan (11) said.

After dinner, everyone made their way into the auditorium for the ceremony. Mr. Sever started off by introducing and thanking all of the volunteers and officers within the Bloomingdale Band Booster Club. Members received a round of applause before segueing into the next announcement.

For the past ten years Billy Sullivan has been the guard director at Bloomingdale High School. After many successful shows and a handful of medals, Sullivan has decided to step back from the director position. Taking his place is Ms. Erin Parke, a social studies teacher. Parke has been part of the guard staff since she’s been teaching at Bloomingdale and will be a fantastic new director.

After this, each class was called up by Mr. Sever and they demonstrated their knowledge of marching instructions. Many students forgot their education and this brought much laughter out of the audience.

For the senior class, Sever read out senior reports, which summarized their time within high school and the band/guard program, told the crowd what their future plans were and thanked friends and family that supported them throughout the years. Seniors were gifted with plaques with everyone’s formal photos, jars of candy, and their final honor bars for school letters.

After seniors left the stage, The band and guard staff handed out awards to exceptional members, one of which was Jacob Kwasnewski. He was given the John Philip Sousa Award, for musical excellence and placement in honor bands. “It was pretty awesome to get, I didn’t really expect it,” Kwasnewski said.

Before the end of the year slide show, captains from the band and guard went on stage to thank and gift the staff and volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.