The Water Wars Saga- Part 3

The Finale

Delaney Stites, Staff

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This year’s Water Wars has finally reached its end. On Monday the 22nd, any possible last minute kills were carried out, and the game came to a halt. With the end of the wars came the final scoring ceremony at Saladino Park, where all of the winning teams and the MVP were announced.

Taking third place and a winning prize of $200 was team Hydro Kids Hydro Wife with 43 total points. The team members include Diego Caminada with 10 points, Nick Clark with 19 points, Alex Crognale with 7 points, Cameron Bullock with 3 points, and Logan Halverson and Max Kreigbaum each with 2 points.

Taking second place and a prize of $250 was team Too Much Fun Makes Us Squirt with 44 total points. The members of the team were Caleb Hamilton with 13 points, Nick Lily and Angelica Negron with 11 points, Will Brinegar with 5 points, Kyle Byrd with 4 points, and Luke Amman.

And topping the charts in first place with a winning prize of $350 was team Mike Hunt with 58 total points. Team members were Nathan Gross with 21 points, Nicole Demarest with 11 points, Sebastian Wilches with 10 points, Nathan Hilbrands and Liberty Longanecker each with 7 points, and Hunter Berry with 1 point.

The man of honor as MVP of the whole game is Nathan Gross winning his own $50 worth of prize money. Water wars was an entertaining end for its participants’ senior year, and the memories it created, along with all the others from school for the class of 2019, will last forever.