Drama Banquet

Lauren Hicks, Staff

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On April 22nd, the drama club invited its members to a banquet to celebrate the work they have done this year, along with awards and inductions for new thespians.

The club members have put on multiple shows, all of which were successes. For each show they were cast in or saw, they got points. If they were able to reach ten points before the deadline, they got inducted and are now official thespians. The theme was red carpet, so the attendees dressed to impress. The evening began with them enjoying Panera Bread for dinner. After that, the attendees got ready for inductions.

One particularly unique factor of the event was how the inductions happened. Instead of a standard type of banquet, this one came with a show. After each person got inducted there was a performance put on by other members. The members’ part of the musical theater did solo numbers to keep the night interesting.

Shayla Epps (12), an official thespian officer, attended the banquet.”My favorite part of the evening was winning the Outstanding Tech award. I’ve put a lot of work in to trying to make sure the technical aspects of our shows flow well. It was really nice to be recognized for the role I played in making our shows successful,” Epps said.

Joshua Santiago (12), another official thespian, will be graduating at the end of this year. “I promised to put on one last show before I leave. I plan to stick to my promise and blow everyone away with my final performance,” Santiago said. He will be in the final show of the year: “Godspell”.

For all who went to the banquet it was a night to remember. Everybody left with big smiles, happy hearts, and full stomachs.