Sunflower Cafe Restaurant Review

Olivia Stakey, Staff

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Sunflower Cafe is a family owned restaurant on Lithia Pinecrest. They serve hibachi, sushi, sashimi, and more.

I have been going to Sunflower Cafe with my family for more than a year, and we have enjoyed trying the sushi and talking to the workers. It has a cozy and inviting atmosphere for all of its guests. The restaurant’s kitchen is a little small, so when the floor gets busy the waiting time increases considerably. A lot of people feel that the wait time is too long, but once they get their food, there are no complaints.

My favorite roll is the non-deep fried Sunflower roll. It has tuna and salmon and is wrapped in soy paper. I dip it in their signature yum yum sauce and it is amazing. I would recommend that or their hibachi because it is one of their top sellers.

I have noticed that many people come in and hug the owners and talk like friends. There are regulars who have specific days that they go to the restaurant on and bring gifts sometimes. The bond the owners Kumi and Tatsu have with their customers is heartwarming.