Grad Bash 2019

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Grad Bash 2019

Sagan Savage, Staff

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Every year the seniors of Bloomingdale High school take a trip to Universal Studios for Grad Bash. Grad Bash is a senior takeover where they are able to explore the park, have fun, and make memories. Over 150 seniors decided to take the trip, a large difference from how many  have gone in years past. They wandered around the wizarding world and visited many of the park shops.

They left for Universal on Friday after school and arrived at 6:30. The seniors didn’t leave the park until 2:30 a.m on Saturday. Many seniors enjoyed their time riding the roller coasters and experiencing the park.

One student, Joseph Moran, and his group of friends, went on a lot of rides. “We went on Fast and Furious, Spider-man, the Doctor Seuss train ride, Transformers, and then my favorite of the night was the Men in Black ride. The entire time on the ride we were all just yelling and just had so much fun,” said Moran.



Another student in Joseph’s group agreed that Men in Black was their favorite; “so the entire ride you’re basically just blasting aliens and you win if you get the most points, and I did with 197,000,” Josh Sommers said.

The group got food a couple hours after arriving in Islands of Adventure and then made their way to the Wizarding World. “We went to Diagon Alley and we all got butter beer, which was absolutely amazing. Then we went to Knockturn Alley, where probably my favorite memory of the night was made, one of the wizards that work there let us use their wand on one of the interactive activities where your motions were imitated by a skeleton, and Josh was busting it down as the skeleton.”

Grad bash was the highlight of many seniors’ last year at the school, and served as a worthy celebration of the end of their high school careers.


Photos submitted by Josh Sommers and Noah Rouse