2019 Prom

Haley Griner, Advertisement Manager

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Bloomingdale’s 2019 Prom was an elegantly decorated dance, sure to be remembered for years by all of the attendees. This year’s carefully chosen theme was “Welcome to the Gala.” The classic photo booth provided a fun way for take-home photos and the lovely courtyard complimented and expanded the theme. It also gave plenty of needed space for social gathering.

Evan Hydock (12) said the “venue was elegant and reflected the theme.” Those who attended enjoyed taking silly photos at the photo booth, dining on the decadent desserts, talking on the marble porch, strolling through the tree-lit courtyard, and dancing with classmates. “The best memory was just dancing and having fun laughing with friends,” Tyrionna Roberts (12) said. For many, Prom was the final chance to spend time with their class. “My favorite part was hanging out with friends one last time before we all split paths,” Hydock said. For all involved, Prom was an evening to remember for the rest of their lives.