Song Reviews April 2019

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Song Reviews April 2019

Emma Roberts, Staff

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A lot of new music has just been released by a variety of artists. To help you keep up with all the trending songs, here are a few recommendations.

A new album that has just come out is Billie Elishe’s “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” The songs on it feel more cynical than the artist’s previous work. The album features the big hits:

  • Bad Guy
  • Bury A Friend
  • When the Party’s Over
  • Ilomoilo

I personally feel the best song of the album is Bad Guy. I like the aspect at the end of changing the chorus and the entire tone of the song, as if it were a completely separate one. None of these songs are meant to be upbeat, rather they are all serious, so I don’t recommend this album for a workout playlist. On the other hand this album is good to have on in the background while working or riding in the car.

“It’s honestly very psychedelic, yet calming. I listen to it a lot at night and am able to fall asleep, but it also pumps you I’m when getting ready or in the car,” Bryton Smith (10) said.

Another new album is “Free Spirit” by Khalid. It features many songs about relationships, love, and other aspects of life. A few of the top hits are:

  • Better
  • On My Way
  • Paradise
  • Bad Luck

From this playlist my two favorites are 21 and Paradise; they are both very relaxing songs with a relatable meaning in the lyrics. I also appreciate how the whole album sincs together and flows so smoothly.

I personally feel that any of these songs would be a great addition to any playlist, and I would grab the opportunity to see either artist in concert.