Color Guard Championships 2019

Sagan Savage, Staff

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This past weekend, the Bloomingdale Crimson Guard competed in their final competition of the season, at the 2019 FFCC Daytona Championships. Our JV team performed their show, Skyscraper, and placed 3rd with a total of 78.41 points while Varsity, performing The Visit, placed 2nd with 89.47 points. This is Bloomingdale’s 3rd championship medal in the past 4 years for both teams.

The JV team left for Daytona on Friday and competed later that afternoon in the AA class. They scored the highest score for the season and had many nice moments during their show, which was about rising up to face the difficulties in life and overcoming those challenges.

“I could not have asked for a better season because everyone on the team was super involved and welcoming of each other. Everyone really pushed themselves to the limit and tried new things, which is why I’m so proud that we placed 3rd,” Co-Captain Sierra Pulver (11) said.

“It was really cool to win and I loved being able to be with my team during such an amazing experience,” Isabella Almedia said. (9)

Bloomingdale had several soloist competitors as well, with Rebecca English and Eva Klotz competing in the rifle division, Sagan Savage in the sabre division, Kaitlynn Dotson in flag, and Caitlin Rodriguez, Grace Norgard, and Alyssa Jap-Tjong in dance. All soloists had amazing performances and received many compliments from the audience. Bloomingdale had two dance soloists place, with Grace Norgard in 2nd and Alyssa Jap-Tjong in 1st. Both Jap-Tjong and Norgard are sophomores who have been a part of the varsity team since freshman year.


“I was pretty surprised and very happy to get a medal. I was not expecting to get first, especially since I was competing against many talented people across Florida, but I was really proud that I was able to represent Bloomingdale well,” Alyssa Jap-Tjong said.


On the final day of the competition, Varsity performed their final run of The Visit and scored the highest score out of all their competitive years. As as continuation of last year’s show, Tears of an Angel, which was about losing loved ones, The Visit is a representation of the folklore that cardinals are reincarnations of the past loved ones from last year’s show.


“Getting 2nd felt really good, especially after such a rough season and it just felt good to rise up on our final run because we had our best run at championships,” Caitlin Rodriguez (11) said.

For many of the performers, this is their last winter guard season. All seniors have been in the program since either their freshman or sophomore year. “I loved how I was able to grow into a better person and have a strong bond with my team that I didn’t think I would ever be a part of. I’m also thankful for my staff and how they have encouraged me to keep going even when I wanted to quit. These 4 years have made me into a strong woman and given me memories that will last a lifetime,” Yanisia Vasquez said.

“The four years I spent on guard really shaped me into the person I am today. I met one of the most amazing people and learned so many important skills. Performing with some of my closest friends has definitely been my favorite part about high school, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience,” Rebecca English said.

“When I first entered high school, I didn’t know where I fit in until I joined guard helped me find my place. It taught me to strive to be the best I could possibly be and never give up. Color guard has given me a beautiful family that I am so happy to be a part of a legacy of champions,” Michael Garner said.

“Moving to Florida freshman year only made me scared because I didn’t know anyone or anything about the school. I found out that we had a guard and immediately I sent in my video audition. Joining the team opened up doors to new friendships and memories that I’ll always have with me. Going into this, I was nervous and scared that I wouldn’t be welcomed, but guard has welcomed me with big arms. I’m beyond grateful for this opportunity mainly because of all the people I can call my friends,” Jordalis Mejas said.

Although the season had its ups and downs many of the team members agree that this season will be one to remember. The guard will do an end-of-year performance during Prisms on April 27th.