Running of the Bulls

Delaney Stites, Staff

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A cherished tradition of Bloomingdale high school took place this past Saturday: Running of the Bulls. The annual 5k is held to gain proceeds for our very own Bloomingdale Band. The race is also a great way for the central and surrounding Bloomingdale community to come together to celebrate the success of out students. We saw parents, students, and neighbors come out to participate in the competition and give support to their community.

One of the most notable participants of the race was Assistant Principal Mr. Schneider. Schneider chose to participate both for the school and for himself. “I’m training for a half marathon in April so it’s good help for that, and it’s a good way to support the school” said Schneider.

The race was able to bring many people together and many of our students got involved. One such student was Brianna Philips who placed among the first 30 or so to finish. “I stretched with my friend before and after so that was good” said Philips.

The competition did so well at bringing people together that even our beloved Bull mascot made its appearance. Thanks to the bull and our generous sponsors, all of the participants were able to feel like winners when they received a medal from the bull and a delicious treat just after crossing the finish line.