Giving a Rajun’ Bull Welcome

Jourdyn Lee and Lauren Hicks

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Bloomingdale has recently gained a new member of its administrative staff: Assistant Principal Marcos Rodriguez. He has not always been an Assistant Principal however. Mr. Rodriguez said “I started as a teacher; I was a music teacher and a baseball coach. I was an assistant principal at Lennard High School, Sickles High School, and now here.” He decided to become part of the Bull family because: “I had heard great things about this school. It’s closer to my house and family”

When asked about his duties as an AP he stated: “I oversee the non-curricular side of the school. So that’s athletics, custodial, nutritional style for the club’s activities, and things of that nature. I also oversee the student affairs office.”  He will be working in close association with the other three APs for student affairs; Mr. Snyder for last names A-G, Ms. Rodriguez for H-O, and Francis for P-Z.  Mr. Rodriguez oversees administration while Mr. Peek oversees curriculum.

Bloomingdale has gone through a lot of change this year, some controversial, but the new AP is change for the better. When asked about the transfer to Bloomingdale he said, “for me it was an easy decision. I have heard and seen the great things that take place at Bloomingdale and I wanted to be a part of it.” One of the main things he loves about being an AP is “Building relationships with people.” Mr. Rodriguez has plans to stay here. He loves “the school culture and the climate.”

For now, Assistant Principle Rodriguez only resides at school from Monday to Wednesday, but starting January he will be working at Bloomingdale high school full time. If you see him, be sure to stop bye and give him a warm Bloomingdale welcome.