Teacher of the Year

Sagan Savage, Staff

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Mr. Patrick Sheehan has been teaching at Bloomingdale for over a decade and this year he was awarded teacher of the year. When asked how he felt about receiving the award he stated how astonished he was. “It came as a surprise. A Shock. It’s a huge honor, I’m very thankful. I think there are a lot of other teachers who should have got the award, like I said it was a huge surprise.”

Each year teachers come together to nominate their colleagues for awards. They vote on three awards and the nominees with the most tallies win.

Mr. Sheehan teaches AP World History, AP European History, AP U.S. History, and Dual Enrollment U.S. History after school. “He’s definitely entertaining and even though he gives a lot of work it’s worth it because it helps us to know the material better.” says student Alex Bordin (11) ” One of my favorite times in his class, there was one time he was talking about Japan, and he starting doing this weird Kung-Fu thing at the front of the class and it was really funny.”

“He made his class a big story-telling class so that it was fun to learn about World History.” Says Maddie Bernardo (12)

“Even though I’m pretty biased about liking him, since we both come from Boston, he just makes class fun.” Says Nick Berkowitz (12).

Mr. Sheehan has become a fixture of the school over the years and has made History education both entertaining and instructive for hundreds of Bloomingdale students.