Nekter Restaurant Review

Emma Roberts, Staff

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This new juice bar on Lithia Pinecrest that is becoming all the rage, is (in my opinion) over-rated. This seemingly appetizing company is especially known for its “Pink Flamingo” smoothie made mostly from Dragon fruit, but I do have a few complaints. The smoothies seem to be a little more watered down at Nekter then at other places, which is fine but when combined with the high price and long wait for just one smoothie, I am not inclined to go again. I payed $8.75 for a 24 ounce “Mango Delight” smoothie, not including tax. The wait was an especially painful factor of the whole experience. Mind there were only at most six other customers in the room, some already having their order, and I waited for about 10 minutes. I will give to them that the environment is quite nice; it would be a great place to finish an essay or to relax after a run, and much better then Starbucks anyway since it is not as crowded. Another perk is their free Wi-Fi and public restrooms, but I still do not think that is enough for me to want to go again.

Over all I am giving Nekter a 2 out of 5 stas; I am giving them the 2 because the smoothies have good flavor and the environment of the restaurant is nice, but the price, texture, and wait time ruined my expectations for Nekter.