Let her feet do the talking

Isabella Brown, Staff

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This is the first year that Kelly McGinnis (10) has made the soccer team at Bloomingdale, but she has been playing soccer for 11 years.

Last school year she tried out but unfortunately did not make the team. However, that did not stop her from working harder to secure her spot for this season. “There’s always room for improvement, so I worked on small touches for ball control and shots,” McGinnis said. “You earned this spot, so respect it,” Coach Iverson said.

Being a “Bull” means many things to Bloomingdale students.  To McGinnis, it means “you have many opportunities that you can take advantage of to be successful in school,”.

McGinnis plays mid-field, but it has not always been that way. “Over the years I have changed positions. I went from defense, to attempted goalie, to forward, and now mid-field,” McGinnis said.

Before games, she gets ready by drinking a lot of water and getting in the right mindset. “Coach Iverson does a great thing where she tells us three objectives we should focus on in the game,” McGinnis said.

In the off season, McGinnis mainly works on her conditioning to stay in shape. She was also a member of the cross country team. Outside of school, McGinnis plays Tarsa for the West Florida Flames at Basyl in the JC Handly Complex. “We are better than everyone else because our fields are the best,” McGinnis said.

McGinnis loves soccer, but does not think she will pursue it in college. In the future, she wants to “join the adult league on Fridays for fun because [she does] not want to give it up,” McGinnis said.

“I love soccer because you get to meet really nice people and to me it is just really fun; it is my happy place,” McGinnis said.