Honoring a Lee-gend: Remembering Stan Lee


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A few days ago, on November 12, writer Stan Lee passed away at 95 years of age. In the days following his death, hoards of people who knew him or of him have flocked to honor the memory of a man who changed the world for the better.

The dark cloud of Stan Lee’s passing has even made its way into the walls of Bloomingdale high school. Students in Mr. Sheehan’s class had even taken to showing their respects by writing ‘E’ for ‘Excelsior’ (Lee’s personal motto) on the white board the day after the writer’s death. Many students have also expressed their sadness about no longer being able to see Lee in another one of his famous Marvel movie cameos. The thought that a man who gave us so much joy can no longer experience the fruit of his work is almost too much to bear.

Stan Lee didn’t only shape our childhoods, he shaped who we became as functioning members of society; created people who believe there is magic everywhere around them, who believe that in everyone there is a story to be heard, and who push to improve the world no matter how bleak it seems.