Turkey Day

Emma Roberts, Staff

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The holiday that always seems under appreciated has just past, which means it is Christmas!!

I wish I could just skip right to talking about Christmas…but Thanksgiving is the subject at hand, that unfortunately needs to be talked about. This year on  the 22nd of November, a Thursday, as usual, families around the world sat at dinner tables, parks, and Cracker barrels to eat magnificent feasts of turkey, or in other people’s cases, Tofu (or Tofurkey). People filling up their plates and bellies seems to be the only thing Thanksgiving is seen as now, but its true meaning holds depth.

Thanksgiving is not just an excuse to see your family before Christmas, get out of work, or get off your diet, it is a holiday celebrating the peace and union of two civilizations. It is meant to remind us of the things we are blessed to have, when others have so little. Its meant to let us not only eat with our families but rejoice with their presence in our lives. So even though Christmas will always be a highlight to my year, Thanksgiving will always have a special place in my heart…and stomach.

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Turkey Day