Trending Songs November 13

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The Top Billboard Songs are always changing every week. Here are your top 5!


  1. Girls Like You by Maroon 5 and Cardi B

Girls Like You has been number one on the Top Billboard Charts for 15 weeks and counting. This song is very catchy and easy to get into since the beat is so mellow. It is definitely a song you cannot say you have listened to too many times. Cardi B’s rap makes the song more upbeat and trendy, but she still keeps a chill vibe to the song. Maroon 5 never fails to make a song that no one gets tired of singing.


  1. Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

This is the first song to reach top 5 of the Billboard Charts for 5 Seconds of Summer. The rising star’s new song has a perfect mixture of pop and rock to it, giving a edgy feel. The song is a little repetitive for my liking, but the beat is very good and it reminds me of the boy band attitude. 5 Seconds of Summer is still up-and-coming; there is no doubt that they will have a number one song on the Billboards soon.



  1. Better Now by Post Malone

Post Malone is one of the most favorited blended music artists on social media. This hip-hop artist made an album called Beerbongs & Bentleys this year and every song in the album was favored by many. Better Now is part of that successful album and it carries out the boppy tune that the album has in store. The song is highly catchy and I always find myself singing along and turning it up when it appears on the radio.




  1. Love Lies by Khalid and Normani

This song has a nice beat that people can just get up and dance to but, in my opinion, i believe the song is very bland and there is nothing special about it. It is the typical song about people liking each other and needing reassurance. The only thing the song has to it is the harmonic tone between the two voices, along with the catchy chorus.






  1. Happier by Marshmello and Bastille

            Happier is a song that I highly enjoy. Bastille is one of my favorite music groups because the voice of the main singer is very different compared to others, as well as the music they usually produce. I find this song to be very different compared to the songs it neighbors on the Billboards; it talks about raising people’s spirits instead of partying. The song is also very upbeat.