Daylight Savings Time

To conserve resources, or to torture Americans?

Emma Roberts, Staff

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As of Saturday night, the United States has once again entered the Winter cycle of daylight savings time, when the sun rises and sets earlier. Many people in this country and around the world wonder why daylight savings time is still practiced.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the first to create the idea of this time change, but daylight savings time was first integrated in America during World War One to conserve resources. After the war it was no longer used, but was put back in and out of use during various wars. Eventually it stayed in use constantly, even though it is not really needed in this time. Instead of being useful for people it is just an annoyance to today’s Americans. So why does it not get revoked? If it is not useful to us, then why do we still have it?

Popular belief is that the time change was created for the sake of farmers, but this is actually a myth. These are all questions that will hopefully be answered in the years to come; some states already do not practice the time change, and it may become more in the future.