Diary Of Anne Frank

Jourdyn Lee, Staff

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On October 7th Bloomingdale’s theater put on a production of The Diary of Anne Frank. To make certain, everyone had a chance to view it they performed on Thursday and Friday night.

The play is the true account of a young Jewish girl, named Anne Frank, who goes into hiding with her family; the Franks, and another, the Van Daans, from the Nazis. The play chronicles their life and the progression of the Nazi threat for years in an attic during World War II.

“Me and the others had fun creating the story and making it come to life” said Michael Highfill (11). He played Mr. Dussel, who was a dentist in hiding with the Franks.

A play describing such a sensitive topic was handled well by the theater department. From the actors to the ushers, everyone was focused on capturing the overall feeling of story whether it was well executed joke or just the right expression at the right time.

“it had a mix of both serious moments that clearly displayed the severity of the subject matter as well as lighter moments that made the performance enjoyable to watch” said usher Kaitlin Strawn (11). The audience enjoyed just as much as the actors, and each performance was met with plenty of applause.