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Sagan Savage, Staff

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This past Saturday on 10/27 the Rajun Bull Band and Crimson Guard participated in the Florida Bandmaster’s Association’s Music Performance Assessment at Gaither High School (FBA). FBA is where high school bands from all around Florida perform for a board of judges.

For the past 32 years Bloomingdale has received an overall score of superior and this year did not disappoint. Our band was awarded straight superiors in all 6 categories:

1. General effect, which is how well the theme is incorporated into the show. (This year’s music was selected from The Incredibles II)
2. Auxiliary, or the guard’s performance and synchronization.
3. Music 1 and Music 2 which is the overall sound of the band.
4. Marching and maneuvering; includes drill sets and timing with feet.
5. Finally, percussion.

Band director Jon Sever reflects on Saturday’s performance, “I thought it was the best of the season, but I also thought it was one of their better performances in recent memory, over the last several years.”

For some bands  and guard members this is their last marching performancee for Bloomingdale.

“I feel that it went really well, and it’s sad that it’s the last one [for me], but really exciting that we got to have another straight superiors.” Says drum major Aaron Pendino (12).
“After they said we got all superiors I felt senior year hit me and I realized it’s the last time I’m going to perform with all these amazing people.” Guard Co-Captain Yanisia Vazquez (12) says.
“I was bittersweet. I was very excited for the performance and I tried to do my best I could, to make something we could be proud of.” Says trumpet section leader, Jacob Kwasniewski (12)

But for others, they’re just beginning or continuing 4 wonderful years.

“I loved performing. All of the adrenaline and being eager to do good. I personally loved it. I am really sad that my first marching season is over. I loved it so much made so many new friends it was a great experience” Says Ellie Taylor (9)
“I feel like we did a really amazing job and although practices were rough, we put on probably the best performance we’ve ever had.” Says Cara Adeeb (11)

The Rajun Bull Band and Crimson Guard have had an Incredible year so far and with their efforts it can only get better from here on out.